Saturday, 26 November 2011

Busy Baking

Chocolate Spritz
I know, it's been a while, quite awhile, since I last wrote something here.  Did I lose interest?  Have I given up?  Have I left the planet?  Nope.  None of these things.  I just fell victim to busy-ness.  It's the scourge of the season, although it usually doesn't afflict me this early on -- I mean, c'mon, it's not even December yet!  It's been a good kind of busy I must say.  I got the Christmas cakes baked and packed away.  This is a bit of a production number, taking some three days to complete.  Then I spent a fab day with my daughter-in-law and sister in Erin, making a start on the Christmas cookie baking.  We had a blast!!  And I've been busy writing, but not posting.  The last piece I wrote for my memoir course has been recommended for entry into a writing contest.  No too shabby for a newbie, eh?  I still have to finish polishing it up before I submit it on Tuesday.  Then I wait -- results won't be announced until March.

For those of you who don't know it yet, the other thing I'm working on is another blog just for Advent (those 4 weeks before Christmas).  You can check it out at
There are two introductory posts there now and the rest will arrive daily beginning tomorrow morning (Nov. 27) until Dec. 25.

See you around and about!

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