Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday Moanings - March 18, 2013

What's this? Another snowstorm on the way?
Enough already, I say! St. Patrick's Day has come and gone with more than enough of a sprinkling of fresh white stuff (all of 3cm) to qualify as 'Paddy's Brush - at least in my opinion. I doubt my Newfoundland brothers and sisters would agree though; for them the brush is a really big snow happening on or just before St. Patrick's Day. 'Sheila's Brush' on the other hand sweeps in afterwards, March 18 or even a bit later.
The legend goes something like this: Sheila was St. Patrick's wife, or maybe she was his sister, mother, housekeeper or just perhaps his mistress (naughty boy!), the relationship varies depending on who is telling the story. Since today it is me, I'll stick with Sheila as the wife of Paddy, long before he made it to sainthood.

Good old ordinary Paddy married a fiery redhead named Sheila.  One evening Paddy left her at home to go out with the boys for a pint. Sheila was not amused; furious in fact she was. On his return, two-sheets to the wind, Paddy was met by an outraged Sheila who stormed after him with a broom (brush). In commemoration of that event Sheila's Brush now comes to us after St. Patrick's Day to brush/sweep away the winter. There is another take on this story: in a late winter storm, Sheila's Brush paints the land white one last time. Check out this evocative painting.

Paint it either way you like, pretty it up however you please, but let's have an end to winter's snow. The workers are coming today to begin installing solar panels (LIM Energy Inc). It just won't do to have them slipping and sliding on a steel roof. AND we ran out of firewood last week! The first time in twenty-five years - not so much because it's been a cold winter, but because it's been so dull and cloudy.

So listen up all - let's send Sheila (& Paddy) home to The Rock, where they are most welcome and appreciated.


  1. yyyaaaaaahhh!! yer back and full of vinegar, i see :)...great painting :)and story..
    ...i just wish that it would go straight from sunny snow days to spring, not rain, not summer heat (like it's done many a time) THAT asking too much ?:)
    ...nicer, more dependable weather would certainly make it easier to commit to visiting buddies over an hour away :)...not that it's stopped me from going to Barrie the odd time this this thurs...i have an order to fill at Laura Secord's for Caron :)
    ...chin up ol' girl! it'll be hot as hades soon enough :),,,yesterday was perfect! cool, fresh, sunny and not a whisper of a breeze...deep sigh ...signed, 'still lovin' it' :)

  2. As per....lovely, just have the gift of the blarney and that's a good thing....and I'm definitely thinking spring..:)