Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday Thermals - April 25, 2013

Minus 2 and a dusting of snow out my window today - Thursday thermals indeed! - but it is a clear morning with the sun streaming through our trees and promising a pretty day. I have mixed feelings about today. I am excited about the beginning of a new adventure and also plagued by annoying pockets of doubt. Change is like that.

One of my biggest concerns is having to abandon this blog for a bit. I've only just returned to regular writing here, so it seems like a huge mistake on my part to leave my followers behind, not to mention that the break will be a huge loss to me too! I will try to post something from time to time, but truly cannot promise my usual pace of two a week. Have no fear though, regularly scheduled programming will return in a month.

In the mean time I'm off on assignment, discovering new things to write about. There will be many tales to tell in Monday Moanings and Thursday Thermals.

Take care of each other.


  1. Enjoy the "assignment" :) I'm already looking forward to the tales you'll have to tell!

  2. Bon voyage, travelers! Have a wonderful trip and I, too, look forward to seeing and hearing your new adventures. Big hug.