Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday Moanings - July 22, 2013

Not much brewing my pot today, but I see the Duchess of Cambridge is in labour - I'll bet she's doing some moaning, unless of course she's drugged to the hilt. Based on what we've been told about this couple I think they'd try to go the natural route as far as possible. According the Beeb, she has TWO Ob/Gyn's attending her and "things are progressing as normal." You go, girl!

There's something reassuring about the news of the impending birth of the third in line to the throne, though I'll be long gone before he or she is crowned. Still it is good to know some things will endure in an orderly fashion. I love and appreciate Canada's constitutional monarchy. It embodies a continuity of tradition informed by reason and experience. I know that's a bit of an ideal and perhaps even a romanticised view at that, but at the top of this new week, I've got on my rose coloured glasses.

It's the start of the fourth week of 'school's out' summer time, about the time when the first tentacles of boredom begin to wind their way into a child's summer fun and exhaustion begins to take a toll on parents. Ah yes, I remember it well. Sorry, I have no solutions to offer, or none that worked!

"I'm bo-or-or-ord," my inner child whines. I slap a hand over her mouth to silence that most irritating of whines. I know only too well that such a lament is an open invitation for havoc and mayhem to come and play in my yard, and I'm really not up for that onslaught. No, just let me have my neutral Monday with little to boast or moan about. There are far worse ways to start a week. I'd best get at it.

I'll leave you with some photos of Friday's storm clouds. Many areas of southern and central Ontario got hit by hail, high winds, lightning, rain and possible tornadoes. We were spared outside my door (little more than 5mm or rain) but the sky was thrilling to watch.

All photos ©April Hoeller 2013

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  1. i agree...canada has soo little traditions to attach to, i love the fact that we are still a wee tentacle attached to the monarch...we are losing less and less of what is canadian every year...i think soo loving william and kate...they are a breath of fresh air in all that was stuffy...and betty seems to be loosening her corset a tch too...hiphip hooray for the poor wee bairn with a huge responsibility on shoulders that are only days old....aand LOVIN THE CLOUDS!!