Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday Moanings - September 23, 2013

Spit & Polish Day

Yes it's off to the dentist this morning. I've diligently flossed my teeth ever since I got the reminder call last Thursday. How does one remove the evidence from six months of dutifully brushed but unflossed teeth? Ah well, twas ever thus.

Dentists and I have never had even a comfortable relationship let alone a pleasant one. I tolerate them, sort of. I vaguely recall screaming my way through childhood dental appointments. Sheer terror gripped me, so much so that the guy refused to work on me. It hurt dammit!! And lying back in that chair was not a position of power, at least not mine.

My mother went across the hall to the family doctor and got a script for phenobarbital (a barbiturate). I guess that must have worked, but the anticipatory fear remains to this day. I will fold my body into the contours of the dental chair but be absolutely rigid. The TV and other cutesy stuff on the ceiling will do nothing to quell the rising anxiety as the chair reclines. Yeah, I visualize cool stuff to calm myself (better than a barbiturate any day!);  a beach, the mountains, a sensuous garden, but I still leave with a sweat line down my back. Oh joy, oh bliss - NOT!

Tomorrow will be a better day, much better. It begins with yoga, followed by a road trip up to Orillia to meet up with a buddy from high school. Wendy, (lovely painter and paintings!) and I are taking in the Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition at the Orillia Museum of Art and History and then treating ourselves to a long lunch. Back home in the evening, my love and I are at the ROM for a"Behind the Scenes" tour with the curators and researchers. It's a full day, but I won't get there without first tackling my fear and surviving the dentist.

It's time to kick off into the first week of Autumn. Let's get at it!

p.s. Between my hectic flossing schedule this past weekend, I got all the wine catalogued and slotted into the cellar. 53 white wines were added, and 35 reds. We celebrated with wine, of course; a Hernder Estate 2008 Cabernet. My worries that this $11.95 bottle might have gone beyond the point, were happily unfounded. It was luscious!

Text and flower photo ©2013 April Hoeller

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  1. hehe..your timing is perfect...the day after i changed my 06sep appt to mid april and leaving lachlan's on the 16sep, my front/capped tooth started to bother me...fear of them even checking it out has got me in turmoil, let alone the potential cost (which was the reason for moving the 2 appt apart, diff months) i am just hoping i can last a month...gulp...pray for me that i don't feel squishy :)