Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday Moanings - December 9, 2013

A disturbance in the force

OOOOOOkay, it's been a long morning. More than that it's been a long 7+ days.
You see, I bought a new laptop over a week ago. It's bigger yet thinner, brighter, smarter and also a third of the cost of its predecessor bought in 2006, but  it was not drivable right out of the box; not really. There were settings and devices and desires to be updated, installed, tested. Then there was the inventory of the old laptop; what stays, what goes or should have gone long ago. That took a day, a rather interesting day mind you, trolling through a forgotten treasure trove or three of absolutely must have info only to discover that most of it was indeed useless junk.

This past weekend was the great migration - moving the important stuff from the old to the new laptop. It seems to have gone well, with a few glitches - there are always glitches - so here I sit in front of the slender new, bright, snappy laptop with a lit up keyboard learning how to drive again. This may take a bit, so please be patient.

Pictures? You want pictures?  I don't know how to do that yet. What happens if I press this key...

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