Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday Moanings - December 2, 2013

Sitting in my wagon at the top of this week, the ride ahead looks daunting - it may be the top of the week, but I'm way down at the bottom of Christmas mountain. A 23 day climb lies ahead and it zigzags through all kinds of  hurdles: cookies to be baked, presents to be bought, decorations to be hauled out and put up, menu plans, food shopping and cleaning, lots and lots of cleaning.

Kotor, Montenegro
The Christmas Magician in me is cringing just thinking about the number of feats of prestidigitation required to reach the top - pulling Yuletide out of my ordinary, everyday hat is no small thing. Good thing I have years of experience behind me to bolster my confidence. What I don't have on this Monday is the energy but I do have a wagonload of apathy with which to begin the week.

Why bother?
December 25 is just another day, isn't it?
It's just another family feast, isn't it?
It's just another holiday hijacked by the Big Box Stores, isn't it?

In the fog and damp of today my answer is a long whiny yes. But not to worry this seasoned Wizard of Yule knows just how to turn a frown upside down. A little rest, some fragrant soothing tea with just a smackerel of something sweet, and lots and lots of great music can always coax even the most reluctant of Christmas spirits out of my woolly and tattered hat.

Catch up with you later - I'm off to find my wand. I bet it's in the kitchen...

(If you yearn, as I do, for a moment of quiet reflection along the mad dash to Christmas, check out my daily Reflections for Advent 2013)

©2013 April Hoeller


  1. i hear least i don't have family members counting on me to perform and produce such magic..think i'll go for a guilt free nap (until lach brings up the tree)

  2. I hear you too, even if Christmas is not our festival. In India, it would be the Pujas (for those living in the eastern region) or Diwali perhaps, when one goes through these emotions. Now that I live in Doha, even those festivals have dropped below the radar. Good luck with conjuring up your Christmas magic...look forward to reading about it and perhaps have some inspiration rub off....