Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday Moanings - January 13, 3014

Sputter, Lurch and Moan. Repeat.

It's just that kind of morning when my legs feel like cement blocks and I can't find the energy for anything but a whimper. I've been feeling less than optimal for a week now, feeling like I'm not quite running on all cylinders, feeling like some god-awful bug has begun to invade my body. I've dosed myself with loads of Vitamin C, Cold FX and extra echinacea. I've drunk a ship-load of ginger tea and I've motored on through the days.

I often wonder if all these concoctions do is hold the nasties and me in a standoff, a constant state of "omg I'm coming down with something awful." I often wonder if these remedies fool us into thinking that if we take them, we can carry on at our usual pace when what we really need to do is STOP and rest a while, a day or two.

We've pretty much obliterated the common pause day from our week and I'm thinking that's more than just a pity, it's a mistake. We all would benefit from taking one day in seven to rest - no chore list to get through, just quiet, gentle rest - a time for self-care and nurturing. I think we'd be healthier and even happier.

I'm taking a pause day today. I'll read some, write some, spend some time with the jigsaw puzzle on my dining room table, and I'll take an afternoon nap. I'll sip fragrant tea and I might, just might, get out of my jammies.

Catch up with you later.
Spring lies resting just under the frozen ground...

©2014 April Hoeller


  1. Remember the old adage; Medicate a cold it will leave in seven days, leave it alone and it will be gone in week.

    1. Yup indeed I do Charles. And add to it: Seven days without rest makes one weak.
      Thanks for reading! :-)