Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday Moanings - June 23, 2014

Cranky in Spandex

Nearly three hours and not a single idea for this post has crawled across the finish line. Every single one of
them, four now, has disintegrated, run out of words or fallen into boredom and not one of them has made beyond a second paragraph. I'm fit to be tied. I have other things to do and the clock is ticking!

I'm blaming this all on the gym. It's been weeks since I stuffed myself into the uni-boob sports bra, eons since my toes got stuck in the narrow legs of my workout pants. But today, rising guilt encountered an opportunity for relief - my love had a dentist appointment and there were errands to do in town. And that's how I bucked my trend and went to the gym this morning. I had a great 30 minutes session of of heart pounding, sweat streaming cardio with upper body circuit. It felt amazing!

photo courtesy of Stouffville Joint Venture Fitness & Physio

I like the gym. I like the people that I meet there. But 2014 has so far proved to be a challenge to my gym  routine. With the exception of the month that I was out of the country and then the two plus weeks it took me to recover from that adventure, the list of excuses for my poor attendance falls into two categories: weather - snowstorms, ice storms, thunderstorms, and deluges - and whining, often white washed with a skim coat of virtue -
It's Monday, or Thursday and I have to write my blog, or I'm staying home to work on my book.

Today, the gym plus errands in town ate up the morning, so here I sit cranky in spandex at nearly four in the afternoon.

Is it nap time yet?

©2014 April Hoeller

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  1. hey!...seems like writing about having nothing to write! should try to sell the idea to jerry seinfeld :)