Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday Moanings - September 22, 2014

Out of Order

My writing almost always begins with ink on paper. Nothing draws out my thoughts better than a perfectly balanced fountain pen gliding across a lined smooth white page. And so it was this morning as I sat down at the table with uncapped pen poised and opened  the blog journal...

Two blank pages sandwiched between pages one and two of last Thursday's writing!

I love order; I thrive on things being in their proper, logical place. Equally I hate waste; I simply cannot abide disposal of perfectly useful goods. This morning's discovery generated a disturbance in the force; it unleashed an irritating dilemma: do I ignore the waste to uphold good order and discipline, or do I take a walk on the wild side and plant today's writing in the middle of last Thursday's and continue as necessary on blank pages following the previous post? Can I truly allow myself to be that out of order?

It's a very small problem in the big wide world, nevertheless it stole a whole 25 minutes of my time while I alternately wrestled and ignored it. Two news items caught my attention during my excursions away from the dilemma on the writing table.

One was the People's Climate March.

courtesy of the Sierra Club, Facebook page

According to the Sierra Club this was "the biggest climate action in history" with over 310,000 people filling the streets of New York City yesterday. Impressive! The cynic in my soul, already stirred by the blank pages in my blog journal, rose higher in the air to wonder how many would so eagerly pay 10¢ more per litre of gasoline AND welcome wind and solar farms in their neighbourhood? It's so much easier to march for a cause than to make it happen.

But then a second article caught my eye. The Rockefeller's, or more correctly the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, valued at $860 million, announced that it will divest itself of all fossil fuel company assets to invest in cleaner alternatives. Now that is BIG, and part of growing trend. The believer in my soul warmed up and overcame the cynic. I dared to wonder if just perhaps the tide is turning, that the word is getting out that green energy can make both dollars and sense. Yes!

Back at the writing table, I flipped my blog journal open again, turned to the blank but out of order pages and began to write. A walk, or even a write, on the wild side is a good thing, from time to time.

©2014 April Hoeller

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  1. When I can't write, I also look around me, read a few things and find inspiration elsewhere. :)