Monday, 17 November 2014

Monday Moanings - November 17, 2014

November Light

From a luscious dreamland I begin to rouse, my toes followed by my lead legs stretch under the cozy loft of the duvet then snuggle back up into the soft warmth again. One eye squints open to take in the muted light of another grey November morning. The room crawls into view, the furniture settles into its usual places. Ah yes, this is what 8am looks like on a yet another grey November day.

Grey is something November does really well, a humble rendering of blah -- over and over again. But it is a new day and I'd best get at it. I uncurl my body and the bedside clock comes into view. 6:37 it reads. That can't be right! There's too much light in the bedroom for it to be that early! And then I hear it; it starts out low, a deep rumbling that rolls into a great shuddering, scraping, bellow. OMG, it's the snowplow!

Well it's not a huge dump of white out there, but enough for the roads department to test out the sanders, salters and plows. Even our own snow blower got a test fire - but no actual snow throwing - there's not nearly enough to merit that action; just back out of the storage shed, an engine firing and belt check then back into the shed.

Let there be no doubt though - winter has begun. Because I don't have to go anywhere today, I can kick back and watch the stewards of winter dress the world outside my door in the whitest of white.

The fire is roaring, there's a slab of beef simmering in red wine in the slow cooker, and all is well.
Be careful out there.

©2014 April Hoeller


  1. Your beautiful words and awesome pictures create an almost 'Dickensian' winter in my mind April. I grew up reading about heavy snow before I saw it. The lethargy of a winter morning has been captutred so well in your opening lines. Love the phrases ' Grey is ...' and the 'stewards of winter'. Your aga looks inviting:) Thank you for sharing. It's a world of opposites- we are welcoming our season to be outdoors in Doha...almost like spring when green starts growing.

    1. Well Arti, there's no grey in this November day (Tuesday). The sun is brilliant, filling and warming my kitchen with glorious light. BUT, (there's always a 'but' in November!) it's -11°C with a brutal west wind kicking up snow and swirling it round and round. I do love the sparkling swirl of snow.

      Thank you so much for warming my heart with your visit and your comments. Enjoy the Greening where you live.
      Best regards,