Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday Moanings - January 12, 2015

A kinder, gentler week...

Phew! My goodness last week was a grueling one on the the world stage! The terrorist attacks in France while grabbing hearts and headlines, also spawned much fear and rhetoric. But then something more remarkable emerged - resolve. National leaders linked arms together to march through the streets of Paris yesterday. I honestly don't care who wasn't there in the front line. I'm betting the French security forces were thankful some of the more notable absentees were not there. The fact that this occurred at all is the amazing bit.

And yet as impressive as this was, the more heartening, the more reassuring thing to my mind was the huge number of ordinary people who walked streets not only in Paris but all over the world in solidarity with the people of France. Now that really was something to help me sleep at night and wake to go about my daily life free, confident and hopeful.

I'd like a kinder, gentler week, if that is at all possible.
No sudden descents into terror and death;
no sharp twists and turns around fear and vulnerability;
just time to breathe deeply, ponder calmly and rest.

Perhaps spend a little time in a garden...

Can we all just have a good week? Please?

©2015 April Hoeller
(all photos were taken in Paris in May 2012)

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