Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday Moanings - January 5, 2015

Too much, too many, too trite

The first Monday of a new year, the first full week of a new year, in the first month of a new year - either way it's sliced and diced, today is still just a Monday atop a new work week. Every Monday brings with it some plans, some decisions about what to do and to improve upon prior performance. But this particular Monday struggles to haul in a gargantuan trawler net bursting with such intentions, all emblazoned with the virtuous "New Year's Resolutions" title.
Well not here!

Too much, too many, too trite - these noble offerings are almost exclusively written from a plush armchair in a comfortable room with more than enough food and drink at hand, by one with some life experience of one kind or another, who has closets full of clothes and shoes for all seasons. Some declarations drip treacle from every syllable, while others are more practical mathematical compilations of addition and subtraction, more of this and less of that. Most are just hopes and dreams free to float away to never-never land without any ties to action.

There's nothing new in these inspirational aspirations, (or is it 'aspirational' inspirations?) - they make the rounds at every crossover to a new year. What is new for me, is how irksome it all is. It's not just the pious platitudes that provoke me, but also the sheer volume of proclamations of plans for personal renewal and transformation, local and global in reach. I protest the simplicity of words about change in contrast to the real challenge a change in direction, a change of heart, demands. I decry the air of pontification that swirls around most public pronouncements of New Year's Resolutions.

Perhaps Christmas fatigue has settled in my bones and I'm just overreacting.

Perhaps I've just become a cranky old fogey.

Perhaps this is just another Monday Moaning.


©2015 April Hoeller

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