Monday, 4 May 2015

Monday Moanings - May 4, 2015

It's bloomin' Spring!

It was a marvellous weekend - warm sunshine, BBQ suppers on the deck, and the simple joy of being outside without coats, boots, mitts and tuques.

The snow tires came off the car, the snow shovel was put away, the snow blower and lawn mower traded priority spots in the shed. The gardens got tidied - the big turnover postponed until I can truly tell the good from the bad, the welcome from the weed. The bird feeders got thoroughly cleaned and re-seeded, and the hummingbird feeder was put out. The usual visitors were quick to welcome the gleaming, full feeders,

along with one not so regular.

Then the lawn raking began. It's pretty mindless stuff; pulling debris from the lawn into piles of beige-brown twigs, leaves, and grass. It's slow work - there is no such thing a quick rake, especially when one has as much lawn as I do. I love being outdoors. I truly do enjoy the mindless time, trolling through the grey matter of my brain, solving all the world's problems and even a few of my own, while the rake does something similar for the lawn. BUT, there is a limit as just how much daydreaming time I can tolerate.

I've reached my limit. Even my back and my arms and my histamines are at their limit. I'm groaning with every movement, sneezing, wheezing and sputtering. The thought of getting out there again is more than depressing, it's paralytic. At this rate, the raking will be done in time for the Fall.

So here I sit, legs tucked up inside my wagon, reluctant to kick off into a new week. I'm going to need a little push and a lot more antihistamines!

But it's bloomin' Spring -
a grand feast of colour, fragrance and sound.

You folks go on ahead. I'll catch up in a bit

©2015 April Hoeller


  1. Feel well soon enough to enjoy the spring, after that oh-so-long winter that you have out there. This side of the world, we are bracing ourselves for a very hot, humid and long summer as we savour the last few days of cool weather (courtesy April showers and storms!!!)

  2. I just love your photos, April!! We have mostly woodpeckers (probably because that's the kind of seed I put out!).. that's a fine specimen you have there.