Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday Moanings - June 15, 2015

And the rain keeps coming down...

This Monday slot is quickly turning into a weather rant. Two weeks ago as meteorological summer began, I reported the official Environment Canada forecast for the summer: hotter and wetter than normal. Later that day, the Weather Network® came out with their forecast: cooler and a bit drier.

I wondered if Mother Nature got the official memo. Well so far this month, it would appear that she did indeed receive the memos from the experts and she has chosen to honour both in her own way. She has given us folks in southern Ontario COOLER and WETTER weather.

My bones and joints have not ceased to complain. The rain barrels are overflowing and nothing needs watering. I can see the grass growing, thick and lush and long, but not dry enough to cut. Bedraggled birds hang their wet feathers on the feeders.

BUT the world outside my door is also dripping with colour!

No point in whining about it. As my mother pointed out on numerous occasions, I'm not sugar - I won't melt.

Put on the rain gear and get out there.
See if you can actually run between the raindrops.
Splash in the puddles.
Come home with a soaker.
Sing in the rain.
Have a fun week.

My sister (right) and I, ca. 1957

©2015 April Hoeller


  1. Thank you for the deliciously dripping photos April- such a treat for the eyes in the dry and hot summer of the Middle East. I have to tell you that my grandfather had a similar saying to your mother's. His was in Punjabi. It translates to- 'we're not salt, we won't dissolve in the rain.' Needless to say, a kids. we enjoyed many playful soakings in the monsoons:)

    1. Thank you, Arti!
      Salt and sugar we are! Smiles and hugs.