Monday, 13 July 2015

Monday Moanings - July 13, 2015

An Amazing Race

The official stands tall, right arm raised high above her head, right hand clenched tight around the starter's pistol, index finger curled around the trigger. The participants, a ragtag group of keeners aged between 28 and 64 years, rock back and forth in their little wagons ready to kick off, but also anxious about the route this run will take. They lick their lips, wipe their brows, nod at each other in a kind of 'okay, let's do this' kind of encouragement.

The most ragtag of them all?

This is no competition. It's a cooperative 6 day event in which the goal is to get us all across the finish line and on the victory celebrations, if not at precisely the same time, at least in time. The skills tested are patience, stamina, coordination, patience, communication, map reading, patience (did I mention that already?), ability to follow directions, negotiation, cake decorating and carpentry.

Some assembly required...

Some decorating required

Obstacles along the way include weather, road traffic, a lake crossing and TIME! Several wardrobe changes (clothing, hair, makeup and shoes!) will be required, including very fancy dress.

On this Monday morning, here's what I know:

We will all get there. 
Our daughter Kristen and Adam will be married. 
It will be amazing!

And by this time next week, I will be back here, reliving the memories, telling the stories and smiling. 

The 10 second countdown has begun.



And we're off!

©2015 April Hoeller


  1. Congratulations! looking forward to the telling of some of those stories. God Bless the gorgeous couple and their proud families. love. xx