Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday Moanings - September 28, 2015

Last Things
(No, not an apocalyptic treatise, but just some observations on this the last Monday in September)


It's the end of September. Though autumnal splendour has yet to fully evolve, the leaves, coloured or not are dropping. The beginnings of a Fall carpet lies across the forest paths

...soon little ones and big kids like me, will be able to scuff through thick layers of brown, yellow and red. Rustling, crackling, crunching - the leaves last words of the season...

... a testament to the blessings of summer.

The last winged wonder swooped in six days ago. Now the hummingbird feeder hangs unvisited, except for the flies, its sweet nectar un-sipped by slender beaks.

I did not plant any tomatoes this year, yet the plants appeared in the garden - my wild bunch! Now the last tomatoes cling to the struggling vine. It's been so warm in September, the wild bunch continued to set fruit despite withered stems and leaves. Some will make it to ripeness, others will leave seeds for next year's wild crop.

The last geranium blooms, scraggly and desperate, valiantly proclaim living colour.

No longer a full lush broadloom, the lawn is an uninspiring patchwork of green clumps and emergent brown tracts. As much as I love lawn mowing, by this time of year, it has lost its connection to my Zen zone of reflection and tranquility. The last run of the lawn mower is imminent, and may even have happened yesterday! Now there's a happy thought!

And last night, much of the world was treated to a rare sight in the night sky as earth slipped between the sun and a supermoon. A total lunar eclipse spilled a red shadow across the biggest, closest and brightest supermoon of the year - a blood moon. It was the last time to see such a coincidence until 2033.

Here's what it what it looked like if you were in Dallas, Texas:

image taken by Mike Mezeul II 

My photos are not nearly as impressive. First of all it was cloudy here...

...and then when the moon did break through I struggled with camera settings and a tripod with a wonky leg.

Finally just before a thick cloud bank moved in, I clicked off this last shot:

Life is rearranging, changing wardrobes, ever moving on, and last yields it place to first.

©2015 April Hoeller

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