Monday, 11 January 2016

Monday Moanings - January 11, 2016

Better Late than Never

Winter has arrived and if the forecasters have it right, the old seasonal sibling is all set to stay a while. Well it's about time I say! After a November and December of record-breaking warmth, January has invited Winter to set the record straight, And Winter has been happy to oblige.

Yesterday morning's pouring rain and balmy temperatures (7°C) gave way to snow just after 3pm. Howling winds brought trees and temperatures low; -3 by 6pm and by 6:45 the power was out.

Tacos by Candlelight

Bravo to the intrepid HydroOne crews who braved the savage winds and cold to restore electrical power.
Bravo to roads department whose operators worked late into the night.
Bravo to all emergency services personnel - police, fire, ambulance, and even tow truck drivers who braved the elements.
Bravo Winter!

What? Is this woman insane? Why?
Because all those May flowers we so love to see, need winter's chill and snow as much as the April Showers we long to sing about.

So let's mosey along with winter's visit, knowing that as surely as it arrived, it will leave.

Bring on the snowplows, salters and sanders. 
Fire up the snowblowers, woodstoves, and stewpots. 

Come, rest, cozy in winter's embrace.

©2016 April Hoeller

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