Monday, 25 July 2016

Monday Moanings - July 25, 2016

Life Under the Dome

No, not the the Stephen King sci-fi novel
     nor the spin off  TV series,
           but close, really close...

Oh wait -that might just be the air quality outside my door...

Sometime early in July, probably while we all were sleeping, a massive lid got plunked over a huge swath of North America.

We're sweltering in recycled hot air with little rain (yes there were some storms last night, but no relief from the heat) under a heat dome. Think of it as the flip side of the Polar Vortex.

So what's life like under the heat dome?
Well, it's hot. It's dry.
But life goes on.

I spend much of the day shuttered inside the house, blinds drawn to keep out the sun. I do my best to ignore the pulses of claustrophobia that try to con me into letting the light in the windows. A trip to the big box stores or the mall is good for relief, but not nearly so much fun as it was when I had kids in tow. In fact this time I was taken aback by the profoundly kid-unfriendly display just inside the doors of the local department store.

What a downer! It's still July! Not even the halfway point of the school holidays. Oh well I suppose the retail beat must go on. The snowsuits appeared at Costco® weeks ago and let there be no doubt, - it's way more cool to try on winter gear under the dome than to pick up school tools. Sheesh!

It's also way more cool to service the snow blower under the dome. At least that's what my love must have thought on weekend when he pulled the behemoth out the shed. Why else would he have delayed the end of season service from April until now?

But the #1 cool thing to do under the dome is BBQ!

Accompanied by appropriate libations of course!
And if this isn't enough cool for you, how about this:

Don't happy.

©2016 April Hoeller

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  1. Hi April. How are you doing? I've been away from online life for more than two months now...trekking and enjoying the Indian monsoon:) I'm back in hot Doha and your post today started off with how I feel about heat, but I'm glad you ended it with yummy food and the countdown to cooler times:) love and coolish hugs. xx