Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thursday, or Thereabouts - August 25, 2016

Summer W(h)ine

The heat and humidity have left my head throbbing and my body limp. With only a few very welcome dips, the temperatures here have hung out at 30°C or more for way too many days in my book. But I have soldiered on through air thick with humidity, heat, haze and the occasional hail storm.

I have laboured to keep the garden viable with liberal doses of water. An Olympic relay of sorts, porting sloshing buckets to baskets, dumping them out and going back to the tap for refills.

Can't you just smell the basil?

Too hot to linger here...

I am so done with summer 2016, but it seems it is not done with us. Various outlooks for September through November all forecast a continuation of above normal temperatures and below normal rainfall. The drought-stressed trees are unlikely to yield a vibrant autumn display. Oh but watch out for the release of the 2016 red wines next year from Niagara. It's going to be a smokin' hot vintage.

Keep calm and Wine on.

©2016 April Hoeller


  1. I remember one hot and dry summer when I lived in England and everyone was encouraged to water plants with their bath water and washing up water. I also remember being in Western Australia where water was extremely scarce and if you were seen leaving a tap running you were liable for prosecution. That was the LAW!

    1. Yes indeed we are not really that bad off. Beyond an open fire ban and in town water restrictions, there's only grumbling (mine included) to contend with. Though in the rural routes (beyond official water restrictions) and on a well, we're still quite careful about our water use this summer.