Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday Moanings - September 12, 2016

I am serious bummed out this Monday Moaning

My wagon sits at the top of this week waiting for its occupant to get in and push off into what looks like a fine and glorious September Monday. BUT where is she?

Well she's moaning and groaning on the sidelines. The week doesn't feel as good on the inside as it looks on the outside - oh nothing serious, just inconvenient, uncalled for, annoying roadblocks. The first one popped up yesterday morning.

External hard drive failure - the hard drive with all our photos on it. This is not a catastrophic failure. I am married to a techno wizard, aka Gandalf the Grey, who knows a thing or three. He had set up a weekly status check on this hard drive. A week ago it reported "no fault found" but yesterday morning at 8am error conditions were reported and by 10am the hard drive was toast.

All is not lost. My man, the wizard also sees to it that backups are run every week. So the photos are not lost, just not as readily accessible.

No big deal. I'll just have to recycle photos from past blog posts.

But it is a pain.

And speaking of pain...

I have been very careful about my return to full activity after pelvic surgery in May. I spent weeks in physio to ensure that my core and particularly my abdominals were brought back to strength in an orderly and prudent manner. Too bad I didn't apply the same caution to my ankles.

 I have highly mobile joints. The good news is that this gives me quite a bit of flexibility. The bad news is that it puts quite a bit of strain on tendons and ligaments, particularly those in my feet. Orthotics are de rigueur.

I was awake much of last night with an all too familiar aching pain. Tendonitis strikes AGAIN. This is the fourth time, or maybe even the fifth bout, though never quite in the same place. I'm an equal opportunity kind of person, so sometimes it's the tibialis tendons, sometimes the flexors, sometimes both, and now it's probably the Achilles. Always the inflammation is the result of overuse, over training, doing too much, too fast. You'd think I'd learn. I've had years of practice!

Despite a hard drive and a body in recovery mode, I'm going to get into my wagon and inch my way forward along the week. I'll wave to you as you pass me by. I'll be the one doing the snail's pace in a wagon stocked with ice packs - but no pictures please.

©2016 April Hoeller

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