Monday, 27 February 2017

Monday Moanings - February 27, 2017

Forward. March!

Sitting in my wagon at the top of this week, the last Monday in February, the second last day of the short month, the slide into March looks smooth. I took a gander at the posts of this last month and was somewhat dismayed to discover that 6 out of the 7 blog posts were about the weather. Good golly Miss Molly, doesn't this woman have anything else to write about? Well, it would appear certainly not this February.

I've been a wee bit out of sorts in the writing department this month. My parents taught me that in polite conversation when I can't find anything to talk about, then talk about the weather. I hadn't realized I'd put that advice to such frequent use in my blog. Sorry about that.

The result of my blog review has been something of a whack upside the head. I've got to get back on track with my writing, not just here but the book. Remember the book? The memoir about a mother-daughter relationship in the turmoil of Alzheimer's? Oh yeah. That one.

Allow me to be kind to myself. I have been writing every day. I started the practice of morning pages back in November as part of a NaNoWriMo discipline and I just didn't stop at the end of the month. Though I have only missed one day (Christmas) since then, the writing time has become a movable feast of sorts in the course of the day, occurring anywhere between 7:30 am and 5 pm.

When I read over the past month of those handwritten pages, I discovered a few gems amongst the wanderings but also an undertone of melancholia. I'm blaming that on seasonal affective disorder (are we back to the weather?). Actually, as long as I can remember, February has been a downer month for me. Does it matter why? I think not. It just is. And now the month is all but over. Hurray!

So let me turn the page and write on. I can only promise to post fewer weather reports. I'm not giving up atmospheric comments for Lent. I am a weatherman's daughter and even my daily version of morning pages begins with time, temperature and sky conditions.

A new month lies ahead, full of opportunities and open for discovery!
Best get my pen ready.

Oh wait - one more weather observation:

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