Thursday, 9 February 2017

Thursday, or Thereabouts - February 9, 2017

Small, Beautiful Things

I  scrolled through my Facebook® feed early this morning, bleary-eyed and not really attuned to anything. I stumbled across this post originally from The Idealist page:

I've been a grumpy old sod for a while now with not a whole lot to cheer about. But this sentiment gave me a bit of a whack upside the head. Then suddenly my space filled with light. No, not a religious experience, but close to it! The sun came out! My kitchen flooded with glorious warm rays. I got up from the computer and turned to embrace the day star's return.

I had to get out there. Donning parka, toque, mitts, scarf, and boots with ice cleats, I braced myself for the frosty -10°C air. It was indeed crisp but it was also clean and, out of the wind, warm solar rays soothed my sun-starved soul. It was a small but beautiful thing. Mitts and toque stuffed in my pockets, and now with camera in hand, I trudged around and about the ice-covered snow, looking for more beautiful things.

Here's what I found on my quest:

Even just the blue of the sky is stunning.

After I'd uploaded the photos, I was curious about what other beauties I had captured this month but not fully appreciated, or at least that were worth a re-visit.

These you have seen recently:

But then there are the ones from just this past Tuesday when freezing rain pelted down. Some days I have to work to find my own sparkle from somewhere other than the sky.

I'm happy to say that our puffin is looking much less burdened today:

And a steaming cappuccino first thing in the morning is a beautiful thing.

Whatever the day may bring, 
may you find enough small beautiful things to nourish you, heart and soul.

©2017 April Hoeller


  1. Atta girl!! That is what we all need to do , so we can feed off each others positive vibes and shared cool moments...otherwise, if we all becomes a vortex of misery sucking us's gonna happen every winter...and unless we all move south, we might as well try to embrace and love this beautiful snow...cripes! It's 45 in Oz....blech! I'll take the pristine white blanket and fresh invigorating air any day

    1. Yup, just get out there and make the best of it. That vortex of misery is terrible trap.
      Thanks for stopping to comment.
      Have a loverly day.