Saturday, 21 April 2018

A to Z Challenge - S is for Sheba, Sasha & Sophie

Our lives have been enriched beyond measure by the trio of dogs that, so far, have shared their lives with us. Two purebred German Shepherds and one German Shepherd-Alaskan Malamute crossbreed.
Our first Shepherd, Sheba, came to us in 1979. Abused by the previous owner, the nine-month-old was rescued by a friend and brought to our door one night, filthy with machine grease and full of matted fur. But she eagerly shook a paw, licked my face and snuggled into my shoulder. We fell in love.

It would be nearly six years before Sheba's place as #1 in our days got shifted by the arrival of children. Sheba took them both in stride, loving and protecting both children until at 13-1/2 years it was time for her to head across the rainbow bridge.

In 1993, we bought Sasha from someone we thought was a respectable breeder. She was 3 months old.

What we did not know then was that she came from eastern European border guard stock. Sasha was fiercely loyal, emphasis on the fiercely. With us, she was fun and happy to lie on the floor trotters in the air for belly rubs.

With others, not at all friendly. But we loved her. She was just shy of 14 years when the rainbow bridge beckoned.

On December 17, 2008 we brought Sophie home from the Georgina Animal Shelter and Adoption Centre where she had been known as "Willow". She had been found wandering in a farmer's field. That she knew basic commands led the staff to suspect that the 7-month-old had been dumped by city owners not able to cope with this ball of energy.

Sophie wasted no time making herself right at home. Her eyes, one blue, one brown, stole our hearts away. A gal for all seasons, she is a lot of fun, full of beans even at 11 years old.

Thank you for your kissy-lickies on our faces, table-clearing tail wags, 
and for leaving such wonderful pawprints on our hearts.

Three cheers for Sheba, Sasha, and Sophie!

©2018 April Hoeller

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  1. Very Sweet! Thanks for sharing this. My heart is happier this morning.