Monday, 14 May 2018

Monday Moanings - May 14, 2018

At Burd's Family Fishing, Stouffville (just 10 minutes from home)
I had a lovely Mother's Day, getting a good dose of Vitamin D and doing one of the things I love - fishing. A whole mess of rainbow trout - with a little help from my fishing buddies and the fact that it was a trout farm. Six fine fish for the freezer and two in the pot for supper. 
Now that's a perfect day!

The downside? In a word, Monday. 

Here I sit, legs tucked up inside my wagon, reluctant to kick off into a new week. I'm going to need a little push and a lot more antihistamines! After all that time in the great outdoors where Spring was busting out all over, where pollen was in free-flow, I've awakened this day to sneezing, wheezing, and sputtering. The pollen count sits at 200+ grains per cubic metre with no sign of a reprieve. Oh, the joys of Spring!

Wild strawberries


You folks go on ahead. I'll catch up in a bit.

Such a happy, sunny face!

©2018 April Hoeller

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