Monday, 28 May 2018

Monday Moanings - May 28, 2018

As I sit here, it's a tepid 31°C (88°F) outside my door, with a humidity nudging 50%. It's not my kind of weather! Oh, and I do know there are folks out there who just love the heat; there are folks who will be vexed by my moaning about the sweltering temperatures, folks who will think I'm being so very un-Canadian.

And I would apologize to you at great length - if only I could get enough air into my lungs to do so. Sophie, our double-coated canine sits at my feet panting. She is in total agreement with me.

As delightful as this day is for heat lovers, surely we all can agree that it's too hot for May? The normal high for May 28 is 20°C (68°F). Bring the thirties on in mid-July and, though my lungs will still protest, I will happily call it "summertime, where the living is easy."

But today as I shelter inside, all I can think of is all the garden and yard work that still needs doing. There are annuals yet to be planted, weeding yet to be done, and nooks and crannies still full of winter debris. There is a new forsythia bush that requires care and protection from extremes while the roots establish themselves. The deck needs to be stained, the patio stones need to be re-laid, the firewood needs to be stacked. But not today.

Today, before the sun cleared the trees, I toured the garden to see how all the little ones were fairing. I talked to them tenderly and watered them generously.

Plenty of cooler days yet to come even as summer pushes her way in front of spring, so Sophie and I will sit back, breathe easy and think cool thoughts.

Sophie's idea of cool

©2018 April Hoeller

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