Friday, 12 August 2011

Remembering Grandma

Today is my Grandmother's 126th birthday - if she were still here that is.  Gram died in her 100th year (1984), a quiet, wise woman whose sausage rolls were to die for!  To me she is famous for bright shiny 'coppers', butterfly kisses and wonderful baskets of comfort food brought to me whenever I was sick, which was a lot.  The basket always had in it at least one can of Campbell's scotch broth soup. I loved it. 

Whenever she & Gramps would visit, one of the first things she would do upon sitting down was to open up her purse, reach in and take out a small black, soft change purse twist open the clasp.  "Let me see if I have any bright shiny coppers (pennies)", she would say with a twinkle in her bright blue eyes.  I hung on the arm of chair, waiting, trying to peek into that tiny purse and see for myself, but she would always conceal the contents from me.  There were always 2 or 3 coppers and sometimes there were FIVE!!  What a treasure!  Then came the butterfly kisses - just 2, one on each cheek - her lips would hardly touch my cheek and I really had to pay attention to feel it. 

To this day, I hear Gram everytime shiny coppers come my way and feel the faintest of butterfly kisses.  Thanks, Gram.

I've got a hankering for sausage rolls...

Photo from Palm Sunday 1968: My Dad, Gram, Mom and Gramps.


  1. ..i think of popping into 'big-gramma's' and barely saying hi, before whipping open her front closet....her goodies (cheezies, peanuts,etc) would be at the bottom of the umbrella stand...go figure?!!...also, needed to check the ol'flour canister in the dungeon, er, basement...there were usually old delish shortbread cookies (my fav!)...some would have a silver ball in the centre and others a wee clip of a mar.cherry ...she used a cookie press and Mum nor i could ever get just the right texture to use it again after she died...uumm, food memories are sometimes the best, eh? :)

  2. The food memories are so rich with more than just flavours, but textures and aromas and sights and sounds also. And then my mouth starts to water and sometimes my eyes too!