Monday, 15 August 2011

Writer in training - part 2

Just what makes me think I can be, or even should be, a writer? 

I have no grand ambition to write some great treatise that changes the world.  I am not compelled to write by some almighty drive. No, I have a small but rather persistent urging.  It's been there, off and on, for maybe some ten years, and of late this urging has become more insistent, that is to say it more frequently holds front and centre in my thought landscape. 

As I was pondering this new prominence, it occurred to me that perhaps some longstanding need to be heard was fueling this urge to write.  It would seem that I have something to say.  Now there's a insight that has the ring of truth about it!   It effects a deep resonance within me - not a disturbing sensation, but a gentle comforting affirmation that seems to have the soft rhythm of a heartbeat.  There is life here! 

I don't know where this life is leading, but I'm going to listen to her, befriend the writer within and give her voice.

Wish me luck!

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