Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday Moanings - March 25, 2013

I should have been at the gym this morning, but instead I frittered away the appointed time slot for this activity, parked in front of my computer, a steaming latte for company. It was all so very easy...

A brief check of my email - a few replies and satisfying use of the 'delete' key - then it's over
to the BBC World News. I see that the EU worked out a deal with Cyprus and, OH, Prince Harry is going to tour the US for 6 days promoting rehab for injured troops. Why is Canada left out? Hmmm... Well on to the CBC World News; not much different from the 'Beeb', but a click over to Canada and well, 'The Pandas are Coming, the pandas are coming'! There's a link to check out the plane's progress on a flight tracker. And the PM himself is going to meet them. Cute, even very cute, but it seems a little over the top doesn't it? How much is all this costing us? I leave that hanging in the air and click over to Facebook. A talented painter friend of mine has posted a picture of one of her paintings, an absolutely gorgeous apple blossom. Surely Spring must be coming any day now? Over to Twitter to have scroll through Chris Hadfield's latest pics from the ISS, and across to Google+ to check out a few new posts. Good time to check my security settings, again. All is well. "Bing Bing" announces a new email - just junk, but while there, my clicky finger finds the JigZone puzzle of the day; an ornate hawk needs piecing together.

Of course tempus fugits all through this April in Cyberland adventure and I look up at the big rabbit's watch on the wall; the little hand is on the 9 and the big hand -- well let's just say it's past 9. Oh Crap! I've missed the gals at the gym. I'm not even dressed yet. But then I am reminded of a recent workout study that found that less is more. Two 40 minute cardio workouts and two 40 minutes resistance training (Yay! I'll be good at that one. What? Not that kind of resistance?) a week is optimum. With this new intel I draw up a revised workout schedule and lo and behold, today is a rest day!

Oh look! A bowl of jelly beans!


  1. LOL....great...!!!

  2. hehe..i soooo hear ya :)...i almost feel famous. thanks for that :)
    ...the days and weeks just whip by at a frightening pace, don't they?
    ..thanks for brightening my day and for letting me know i am not alone at fartin' around sometimes :)