Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thursday Thermals - June 6, 2013

My idea of the perfect summer day includes sunshine and temps between 20 and 23C. It's all of 12 outside my door and a very wet 12 at that, so something warm and fuzzy would truly be appreciated.

And here he is:

This is Schwartz, our intrepid travelling companion. He's logged a lot of miles in my backpack and in the more casual fanny pack. Make no mistake this bear is not just a cute fuzzy face!  He has a job to do, two in fact. First up he is the scale prop for our photos - with him in the picture, perspective comes into clearer focus. He never protests being pulled out of an overstuffed fanny pack to sit up happily in any location, even the high ones.

Job Two is that of Bon Vivant, the bear of good cheer, always ready to lead the way to the pub or cafe. He has no particular favourite. He's happy with a pint of the local brew, red or white wine, espresso, macchiato, or latte. In the last month while touring the Italy and the Adriatic, he developed a taste for grappa, limoncello and slivovitz, though not all at the same time!
And here are the pictures to prove it:


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