Thursday, 8 August 2013

Thursday, or Thereabouts - August 8, 2013

The Liebster Blog Award - First Installment

Almost a month ago Laurie Gienapp left a comment on my blog to say that she had nominated my blog for something called a "Liebster Award". I was impressed, thrilled actually. I have to admit that some of the air went out of my esteem balloon when I investigated this award, however not all of the air. Although this award is hardly the Pulitzer of blogging, it is an affirmation. There are people other than friends and relations who enjoy reading my blog - Imagine that!

The Award is given to an 'up and coming' blogger with a small number, less than 100, followers. Thank you Laurie Axinn Gienapp for the nomination! Woo Hoo!!!
Here's the link to her blog:  Check it out!

Now about this 'award'.  It's there to encourage readership. Even if you are reading just one blog, the award prods you to read just one more. There are no winners so to speak, but neither are there any losers, as long as one chooses to accept the nomination. There are five steps to accepting the nomination:
a) thank the blogger who nominated them - Done!
b) list 11 random facts about themselves - Wait for it...
c) answer 11 questions posed by the blogger who nominated them - Yup, that's coming up too.
d) prepare 11 random questions for their own nominees - I'll get to that in a later post
e) nominate 3-5 more bloggers. - See 'd'

It may sound a bit hokey, a bit like a chain letter, but it does work. Since Laurie awarded me a nomination, there has been a significant (not huge mind you, but noticeable) up tick in visits to my blog. What more can I say?

Here are 11 random facts about me:
1. I love a good cup of coffee, especially espresso.
2. My drink of choice if not coffee, is wine and I'm partial to Ontario wines.
3. My favourite colour is blue.
4. I read the BBC world news on the web first thing in the morning.
5. Then I peruse the CBC news.
6. I began my writing career as a pastor (sermons, retreats, workshops, newsletters...)
7. I graduated from church 6 years ago. YAY!
8. I love dogs.
9. I raise dust bunnies, which is to say that housekeeping has a very low priority, unless company is coming!
10. Sudoku is my bad habit.
11. World travel is my good habit.

Now let's have a look see at the questions Laurie posed for her nominees to answer:
1. What's your favourite colour? Blue
2. Why do you blog? Good question! It keeps my writing juices flowing.
3. How long have you been blogging? Almost exactly 2 years.
4. Are you a cat person, or a dog person? Dog, no doubt about it.
5. What was your favourite picture book as a child? A toss up between Curious George and Lois Lenski's books about the Small family.
6. What is your favourite book as an adult? I don't have one.
7. Are you a fan of Big Bang Theory? NO, emphatically NO.
8. If you could time travel, would you? Probably not.
9. List all the computer/devices you presently use. pc, tablet, smartphone, ipod
10. What's your favourite number? 7
11. What's you favourite tea? Twinings Earl Grey.

Enough already!
Here's your reward for hanging out with me:

Homemade Chocolate Croissants - nom, nom, nom. 
My best buddy, Sophie,  ROFL at me!

©2013 April Hoeller


  1. oooh!! congrats!! very cool for you...i wish i could get motivated to enter more on my blog....i feel more like telling stories of my life...but, have a feeling that might turn people off more :)
    ...i love how driven you are to keep 'AT IT'!
    hope you win...i know i know, it all about the nomination....homemade croissants???? are you kidding me?!!! :)..i NEED to live near you

  2. April... glad my nomination sent at least a few to check out your blog, I always enjoy your postings (even if you are a coffee drinker!)