Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday Moanings - February 9, 2015

Oh look, it's snowing!

Snowing again, still snowing - what's the difference?

Why is it that I, along with so many others, greet this newsflash with so much groaning and head wagging? A mere two months ago I welcomed these exquisite crystals from the sky with joy and wonder. I delighted in their accumulation and was enchanted with the great white tapestry outside my door; all the colours of the rainbow woven together into one brilliant white exposition of form and texture.

That was then. This is now. This is February in southern Ontario where the white stuff is yesterday's news; neither fresh nor inspiring. SSDD - Same Snow, Different Day, or words to that effect. It's not just boring, it's dispiriting. Ah but even these February lamentations are nothing new. I know I can count on their annual visit. Better yet, I know I can count on their annual departure.

This is one of those days when I can hear my Dad the weatherman, telling me and all his listeners how a good thick blanket of snow was good news for the coming Spring; how it would insulate the ground from the bitter cold and prevent the frost from going so deep as to kill off the dormant seeds; how it would in time bathe the good earth in abundant yet gentle moisture that was so critical for new growth.

I hear ya, Dad. Thanks for the reminder.

The light is returning and underneath all that white, the green lies waiting for re-birth.

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©2015 April Hoeller


  1. Your Dad's wise words can be applied to anything one is struggling with April. Everything in the universe seems to be linked and metamorphosis (often hidden) happens all the time- even if it's painfully slow and unseen.

  2. So true, Arti. We are always in a process of becoming. And yes sometimes it seems much too slow, much too painful yet all unfolds in its own time.