Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday Moanings - March 2, 2015

Hello March sunshine!

March has eased her way in front of her frosty brother, coming like a lamb with blue skies and warmth (relatively speaking). Why yesterday the temperature outside my door dared to cross into plus territory, for a whole twenty minutes of jubilation. And today opened with just a SINGLE digit following the minus sign on my thermometer (-7°C). Warm enough for me to ditch my woolly toque, wrap around scarf and the mitts that go over my gloves, for my trip into town. Delightful!

I'm given to believe that there's a bit of weather nastiness on tap for Tuesday. No worries! March is like that - up and down, rain and snow, warm and cold, spring and winter. And right now the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it's just...

More than that, I've got travel on my mind. March is adventure month for us and the preparations have kicked into high gear. Yesterday I not only successfully completed a test pack of my backpack (complete with wetsuit, dive mask, snorkel and fins along with the usual),

but I also gagged back a booster dose of Dukoral®. The stuff is vile - tasting much like the pre-colonoscopy preparation concoctions - but of course the consequences of omitting this vaccine can be far more vile. So, down the hatch!

Tomorrow I'm off to the doc to get a script for some altitude sickness meds. Quito, where we begin and end our adventure, sits just above 2800m (9200 feet). This is not the kind of high my body enjoys - something I learned in Peru a few years ago. So, get the drugs.

Add them to the 'drug bag', which seems to grow with every new trip. Last year's China trek taught me about the importance of having medications that I know and recognise in my kit.

This little case is perfect for all those small containers and packages. Thanks to our son and daughter-in-law for giving it to us!

There's lots more stuff to do before departure - haircut, house cleaning, food for the resident house sitters, instructions for the house sitters (how to fire up the snow blower, how to set the house thermostat, how not to feed the pleading canine, and more), buy more sunscreen, write more ToDo lists, and so much more...  I'll keep you posted.

Make it a great week!

©2015 April Hoeller


  1. Hi April. The reason I love reading your posts is the way you string simple words into poetic images, 'March has eased her way...' I can picture a springy pig-tailed girl jumping ahead of her grumpy frosty brother. LOVE the hummingbird shot. And all the best for the upcoming 'haircut'- a little chuckle escaped me when I read that. xx

    1. Thank you so much Arti! The haircut is on Friday - I'll be chuckling along with you. Though it won't nearly be the shocker I had a few weeks ago when my husband decided to shave off his beard, after 40+ years (ie. before we were married!). Very strange... :-)