Thursday, 16 April 2015

Thursday, or Thereabouts - April 16, 2015

Spring Thaw 2015 - An Escape to Write

It's a busy day - a good, busy day for me. I'm getting my stuff together to head off on a writing retreat. Five days of open space, as structured or unstructured as I need; in the company of other writers or on my own, in my jammies; lakeside cottages with no meals to plan, prepare or clean up after; and all under the "care-full" wings of two very capable writers, Ruth Walker and Gwynn Scheltema.

from Spring Thaw 2012
from Spring Thaw 2012

I have a delicious optimism about this escape to write, yet I have no idea what will be produced. I learned some time ago not to encumber my muse(s) with expectations and rigid goals. Will the memoirist return to pick up the threads of the story about her mother and Alzheimer's Disease? Will the travel writer, fresh from the Galapagos Islands, fill the pages with a journey of amazement? Will the former pastor give voice to the challenges of the job, the stories of faith, hope and love; fear, despair and betrayal? Or, is there another story in the shadows, waiting to be inked?

I told you, it was exciting! And omg - what if they all show up at the same time to collaborate on a story?

... a woman and her memory impaired mother search for meaning on The Enchanted Islands in the Pacific Ocean. One by one a blue footed booby, a flightless cormorant, and a dog named Diego join in the adventure, a trek that takes them along white sandy beaches, across gigantic black lava fields, into a rainforest dripping with colour, then up to the rim of a volcano. They seek the old giant tortoise - only he knows the way out of the tangled dementia forest...
What fun! It matters not to me which of my muses joins me during these luxurious days, or what she writes. The welcome mat is out for any and all. The pens are full. The paper fresh and inviting. I can hardly wait!

from Spring Thaw 2012

©2015 April Hoeller

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  1. Lucky girl you:) I am giving myself permission be be twinged by a wee bit of jealousy. Have a super creative time. It sounds wonderful. xx