Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thursday, or Thereabouts - May 14, 2015

So I've been told...

I've been sitting here in front of the computer for nearly 2 hours and still no blog post has emerged from the ends of my fingers. Lot's of possibilities, lots of flapping around but not a single idea has taken flight.

I would like to give up fretting about this lack of words, BUT I've been told that it's bad form, very bad, to just up and leave an empty spot where a post should be.  Apparently it suggests to followers that they have been abandoned. So I've been told.

Well I truly wouldn't want anyone to feel that way. Will two short paragraphs and a few pictures from last year's Spring gardens suffice? Sure hope so.

The sun is shining, the temperature is 18°C and I'm going out to mow the lawn.
Wanna come with me?

©2015 April Hoeller

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