Monday, 22 June 2015

Monday Moanings - June 22, 2015

If the shoe fits...

My daughter's wedding is fast approaching. I need shoes. I hate shoes. I love bare feet. But as age has crept up on me, arches have fallen, ankles have become too mobile and the tendons can't handle the stress. In short my feet can't hack the freedom of being unshod. Shoes - good stable shoes that can accommodate the prescribed aggressive orthotic inserts are my de rigueur footing, especially if I'm going to be upright for a long time and moving around a lot, like at a wedding, dancing.

 I was not blessed with my mother's sense of style, but I have been gifted with her feet (Thanks, Mom). Short and wide, and getting wider by the year, or it could be month. What am I going to find for my feet that won't look like army boots? I went to three shoe stores one day last week. I saw a few, okay three, pairs of shoes that I actually liked.

The first had the same blue and silver colouring of my dress, a solid arch, a low wedge heel and some side support. They were also Italian, something I thought made them truly classy. My mother would have approved. As I sat on the bench I slipped the left shoe on. It looked quite fine on my foot. Then I stood up. My fully weighted wide foot screamed in protest.

Undaunted I went on to the next store. After all, if it was so easy to find a pair of shoes I actually liked, then the Cinderella pair must be just around the corner. A sleek and shiny silver pair caught my eye. I squeezed my foot in just past my big toe, then pulled it off.

Shoes from a few years ago - my daughter's on the left, mine (which don't fit anymore) on the right.

No worries. There's a huge shoe emporium just down the street. I'll go there. Now in truth I should have known instantly that any store with the adjective "Designer" in their name, would be a bust for me. But I was confident. That confidence flowed out of me at record speed as I strolled up and down aisles and aisles of tall narrow shoes. Tears of disappointment stung the corners of my eyes. Dear God, get me out of here.

As I made my way from the back of the store to the exit a pair of light grey sneakers with wide white laces cleared my blurry eyes. Just for a moment I considered them: accommodate orthotics - check; colour match - check; comfort over long hours - check. I slipped one one. Perfect - for boating or the cruising the boardwalk, but a summer garden party wedding? NO, No and no.

My job this week is to pluck up the courage to once again get out there an find a pair of shoes for the wedding. Shoes that fit me as well as the grand occasion. Wish me luck.

©2015 April Hoeller

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