Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday Moaning - August 17, 2015

Close Encounters of the Squirrelly Kind

My day has been hijacked by a red squirrel!

 First he built a nest in the BBQ. That was in early June. But it burned down...actually I tossed most of it over the deck then torched the remaining fragments (after having made sure there were no babies inside).

Then he began working on the hole in the deck wall where the water pipe used to be AND he also chipped away at the flashing on the garage door below. He was successful. He now had a home in the garage with two entrances/exits. How very clever!

For the past week we have played dog and squirrel. The resident canine is unimpressed. She hears him before we do. She sees him before we do. With great leaps and bounds over and around the living room furniture Sophie stalks her prize. She wants him as bad as we do, perhaps more so. We just want him gone. She wants him - well you know - shaken and not stirring...

But as fast as we tape up that hole in the wall, the little red ninja breaks through.
The latest patch over the hole involved wire caging material and duct tape. This held up a whole 14 hours!

Note: a hole that was once 1.5cm is now almost 5 times that!

I do so admire the little guy's industry, daring and persistence. But we cannot have squirrels in the walls of the house. It simply will not do. So my dear, cute friend a word to the wise - high tail it out of here or else accept a date with destiny.

My line in the sand!

It gets so exciting on a Monday in the country!

©2015 April Hoeller


  1. HahA! What a smart, persistent little guy!
    Good luck with your hunt ;)

  2. This post made me chuckle April. The 'red little ninja' is turning out to be quite entertaining for your readers too:) so Loved Sophie's Bond moment!
    All the best.
    We had a family of squirrels nesting in our loft when we used to live in the UK. A lady in a pest control van came and sorted the sordid business of trapping them for us. It wasn't easy knowing what she was doing up there but it had to be done.