Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday Moanings - November 16, 2015

The View from Here

Foggy with a chance of ... ?

It's Monday, again.

It's Monday following a weekend of global sorrow, Again.

It's Monday following terror attacks, AGAIN.

A broken record stutters tweets, hashtags, French phrases, and Facebook® posts.

Round and round and round we go in a too well practiced response that in the end seems only to foster more terror. I have no answers. A rant from me will add nothing.

The way forward is shrouded in fear and doubt, blurred by anger and tears.  And to be honest, I'm very grateful NOT to be one of those charged with the responsibility of crafting yet another strategy to stem this tide of terror.

Instead I will follow Wendell Berry's lead and seek out The Peace of Wild Things.

I will go walk in the forest, listen for the birds, find the still waters and rest for awhile.

#PorteOuverte - my door is open, as are my arms.

©2015 April Hoeller