Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday Moanings - January 25, 2016

Going with the Flow

I was having trouble settling on what to write today. As is my usual practice when a number of candidates are trying to push themselves to the front of the line, I stepped away from the laptop to take up my fountain pen for wisdom.

image courtesy of Laywine's

I must tell you that there's a new kid in my handwriting collection, a Christmas present from my love. Actually he gave me a gift card and together we headed into Toronto, to Laywine's.

OMG if you love writing by hand, if you long for the feel and flow of a good pen, then this is the store for you, (but perhaps not for your credit card). Not only is there a magnificent array of fine writing instruments, there are also journals and stationery, many specifically crafted for the fountain pen of your dreams. Add to this, an eye-popping selection of inks from around the world and you know that you have arrived in handwriting heaven.

I brought along my trusty Parker Sonnet (in the first picture at the top of page), the workhorse of so many of my hand-inked words. I told the staff that I was looking to upgrade. The young man behind the counter happily obliged, but not before asking me a host of questions about my writing habits. He presented several pens for me to test drive. Weight, balance, ink flow, nib size were all tested before I settled on Lamy 2000, a piece of  impeccable engineering.

Enough already with the drooling over a pen! Time to get writing, BUT where is my journal book, the one with paper made especially to receive ink from a medium nib without scratching or bleeding? I can't possibly just use any old blank piece of paper! It took a full twenty minutes of turning my spaces upside down and more than a few expletives before the trim blue volume revealed itself. Ahhhh ... now to the writing.

Balanced perfectly in my write hand, my fingers cradling the smooth slim body, I gently pressed the tip to the page. Words were delivered to paper with just the right amount of ink and the page received them with grace, spelling mistakes and all!

Happy Monday - it's the last one this month and it's also Robbie Burns Day! 

Lang may yer lum reek!

©2016 April Hoeller  

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  1. OMG! This is such a beautiful post.....Long may your pen write!