Monday, 22 February 2016

Monday Moanings - February 22, 2016

Blue skies, Sunshine, Smooth Sailing

The luggage is up and open in the living room ready to receive shorts and swimsuits. The fridge and freezer are well stocked for the house-sitters. And I'm getting a haircut tomorrow.

My love and I are sailing away later this week. Our timing could not be better:

While southern Ontario lies under the threat of this major winter storm we will be headed to the sunny south where the forecast looks like this:

And a week today in the British Virgin Islands, we'll have to cope with 28°C in the sunshine.
It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!

If there is one moan to be whined, it is that this vacation will have a bit of a learning curve. What? Well yes - because we've never taken a holiday in which the primary focus is Rest and Relaxation. We go on adventures to faraway places with strange sounding names. We trek, we scuba dive, we hike through rain forests and across lava fields. We don't know how to go slow.

But our intrepid travel mascot Schwartz von Bear is willing to be our teacher. Seems he's had plenty of experience.

Can two old dogs learn new tricks? Check back here in two weeks to find out.

©2016 April Hoeller

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