Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thursday, or Thereabouts - February 11, 2016

Away with You! Be Gone!

According to forecasters, the barrage of frigid temperatures, -17°C this morning,  will continue for four days with just a little snow.

Alright Old Man Winter I'll take this as your last stand, then it's time to hop it to the southern hemisphere. Oh and don't expect a good grade from me for this season's performance. Quite frankly it's hard to give a grade to someone with an absentee record like yours this year! But if a Truant Officer hassles you as you try to leave, just offer up a frigid huff and continue on your way south. Got it?

And while I'm in a commanding mood, let me also read the riot act to a few too many bacteria partying in my body. Buzz off! Or perhaps the metaphor should have more to do with water, seeing as it's a kidney infection that is gumming up the works. How about "haul up your anchor and set sail"?

This is the fourth time since July that microbes have attacked my plumbing and the second time that they have progressed as far as the kidneys. Visits to doctors and urgent care centres have taken over as my #1 social activity. I am impressed with neither such prowess nor such success! It's time for these little nasties to hop it too!

"Go find someone else to populate! 
Or better yet, 
latch on to Old Man Winter's tailcoat and die of the cold!" 

Now there's a thought that brings a smile to my face, as does this:

In the mean time, I'm off to another 'social engagement' this afternoon - all will be well, in due course all manner of thing shall be well!

©2016 April Hoeller


  1. I hope the microbes have been put in their place by the time you read this comment. Wishing you a healthy week ahead April. Take care.

    1. aww, thanks Arti. I am feeling better today - a change in antibiotics seems to have done the trick this time. Yay!