Thursday, 21 April 2016

Thursday, or Thereabouts - April 21, 2016

Spring Thaw 2016 - An Escape to Write

It's a busy day - a good, busy day for me. I'm getting my stuff together to head off on a writing retreat. A weekend of open space, as structured or unstructured as I need; in the company of other writers or on my own, maybe even in my jammies; no meals to plan, prepare or clean up after; and all under the "care-full" wings of two very capable writers, Ruth Walker and Gwynn Scheltema.

from Spring Thaw 2012

I have a somewhat muted optimism about this escape to write. In past years I've taken full advantage of the "Extend Your Pen" option and luxuriated in five days of good company, good food and some really good writing. Due to hospital appointments, I've had to cut it down to just the weekend. Added to that, another infection has insinuated itself upon me.

BUT,  I'm going on this retreat! 
Have antibiotics - will travel!

The Clydesdales of Elmhirst's Resort

What do I want from this escape? I want to hang out with some great people, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow writers and soothing embrace of a lakeside cottage. The tedious cycle of urinary tract and kidney infections that have plagued me for too many months, has turned me into a recluse of sorts - too afraid of bladder or brain (thinking is somewhat fogged mid-infection) accidents to venture out. And YES, I want to write, to feel the joyful glide of fountain pen on crisp white paper.

It would be utterly glorious to come out pens blazing and papers filling but also perhaps a tad unreasonable, though not impossible...

SO I am going on this retreat!

Catch up with you all, later.

©2016 April Hoeller


  1. Good for you! I think I would be worse than useless at writing at a writing retreat but the idea of good company, some quiet time and some getting away from the routine of home is very appealing. Enjoy it all. And....get better!

  2. Go for it..... and get well soon....looking forward to reading your writing after this..... love

  3. And Ruth and I will be there in whatever "care-full" capacity you need. See you soon.

  4. Stunning shots; especially the reflection in the water one and even this last one. The weekend sounds exciting. Waiting for sharing in the bliss. Uti has come knocking on my door twice this past couple of months...(first time ever). Is this a new global trend?
    Get well soon my friend.