Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday Moanings - May 23, 2016

Victoria Day Weekend - The 2016 Edition

Lady Spring has delivered up a cracker of a three day weekend to celebrate the kick off of the summer season. It's been a weekend complete with blossoms and birdsong, sunshine and sizzle.

I'm still recuperating from surgery, so a weekend that ordinarily is crammed full of yardwork, had to be very laid back. I've been a spectator on the sidelines as my love rolled the electric lawnmower out of the shed for the first time this season and took for a spin around both the front and side yards. I confess to a moment of envy as I watched someone else do a job I so love to do. Ah well ... my hiatus won't last forever!

Yet another glorious blue sky sits above me with the promise of a another lazy summer-like day. This long weekend of revelry has seen me be more of an event planner than worker bee. I menu planned, wrote lists, and gently offered direction when required. Others fetched, carried and cooked. Though I did make the coleslaw and sat careful watch over the BBQ.

Queen Victoria painted by Andrew Melville in 1845 
(public Domain)

Though originally a holiday set aside to celebrate the birthday of the late great Queen Victoria (born May 24, 1819), this celebration has more popularly become known  as the May "TWO-FOUR" weekend, with an obvious reference to what is known as a case of beer in Ontario. I wonder how the Old gal feels about her party being supplanted by hops and malt? Amused? Or not...

Today is also the official celebration of Queen Elizabeth's birthday in Canada. It's celebrated in June in England, even though ER II was actually born on April 21st. Go figure!

Nevertheless, it's #90 for Elizabeth, so banish the moaning, break out the cake and candles along with the gardening equipment, burgers, beer and wine. Light up the sky with shooting stars and roman candles.

Happy Birthday Lilibet!

©2016 April Hoeller

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  1. Perhaps the British celebrations of HM's birthday were put off till June so that outdoor events such as the Trooping of the Color would be blessed with better weather. Not that the weather is ever reliable in the British Isles.