Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday Moanings - November 7, 2016

A restless, moody morning after...

After forty-eight hours of enlightenment, inspired guidance, skilled encouragement, camaraderie and laughter, all at a lakeside resort serving up excellent meals (none of them requiring my prep, serving, or clean-up!), stunning sunrises and sunsets, and fireplaces too - it's a bit of hard landing back in my home world.

I  wanted to stay a bit longer in this grand sweet spot of quiet intensity, focused learning and personal journey. I suppose such reluctance to leave is the hallmark of a good retreat experience.

The team at Writescape truly do know how to craft, not just a good, but a great retreat for writers. Though not at full bench strength, Ruth Walker and Heather O'Connor went all out to make Turning Leaves 2016 a stellar experience. And they succeeded. Thank you Ruth and Heather.
We missed you, Gwynn Scheltema and send you heartfelt wishes.

Hilary McMahon was the guest speaker at this retreat. She is the executive vice-president of Westwood Creative Artists, one of Canada's oldest and most respected literary agencies. On Friday evening she hosted a Q & A about agents, writers, publishers and just about anything else a bunch of eager writers could ask. On Saturday morning she led a workshop on "The Art of the Query". It was fun. It was packed with information and it was really helpful, especially to this writer. Hilary not only gifted us with her knowledge and expertise but also with an open, honest presence throughout the retreat. Thank you Hilary!

Alas, the return to home is as reluctant as it is essential. The new techniques, insights and encouragement come together in the place where I do most of my writing. And here I sit, still in my bathrobe, at the harvest table in my sunlit kitchen reflecting on yet another fabulous writing retreat.

I'm back home and writing.
Life is good.

©2016 April Hoeller

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