Thursday, 23 February 2017

Thursday, or Thereabouts - February 23, 2017

Weather Warning

My snow ruler, upstanding for so many weeks, fainted in the heat.
As I write this, sunshine floods my page and a warm breeze wafts in through the open door. It's 19°C (66°F) outside and while this warm sun is indeed lovely; as much as it blooms images of flowers and forest resplendent in green, it is also a little worrying. It's not right to have such extended warmth in February. Soothing images of fragrant blossoms will vanish with a cold snap. Even temperatures more typical of February will bring Spring dreams to a quick end.

Heavy rain and even thunderstorms are in the official forecast for the next twenty-four hours. I recall my Dad saying the first thunderstorm of the year signaled that Old Man Winter's back was broken; that snowstorms and blizzards, ice storms and frigid temperatures were over until next winter. Well here's that weatherman's daughter's weather warning:

The snow ruler may have fainted, the sap may be running at full tilt, the driveway may be soft and mucky...

... and even sport a fine reflecting pool;

the periwinkle may be a happy green...

... the moss and other ground covers may be bright with freshness...

... and alas even the trees may be budding...

...BUT know this:

A winter's blast the likes of which we have not seen in these parts of late
will come upon the land with ice and snow and wind and bitter cold 
any summer tires hit the road before April 1. 

Be ye warned.

By all means, sing and dance in the rain, start a few seedlings indoors, tend to the indoor Spring cleaning.
Do not touch those big treads.
Thank you.

©2017 April Hoeller

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  1. You sure love your spring; you sound so enthusiastic about it. Enjoy it!