Monday, 21 May 2018

Monday - NO Moaning

As foretold by the weather prophets, Saturday was pretty much a washout for outdoor plans yet the day was not without delights. The royal wedding lived up to my hopes and then some. The Duke of Edinburgh looked better than I've seen in a couple of years. Ninety-six and just a few weeks out of hip surgery? Well done, sir!

The bride's mum was the very portrait of a genuine Mother of the bride - open, authentic, real. I felt every emotion she allowed. They were the same as mine on my daughter's wedding day. Three cheers for Doria Ragland. Three cheers also for The Most Reverend Michael Curry for giving us all a lesson in love and for doing so with gusto, throwing some stodgy British Anglicans for a loop. This was no talking head intoning stained glass window words. This was a man of passionate faith speaking from the heart. Amen!

By 10am I was back to regularly scheduled programming - bread baking and kitchen clean up, followed by a trip into town to pick up a new gas BBQ. I am glad it was raining because otherwise, the man and I probably would have busied ourselves with all the outdoor chores begging for attention. The showers gave us the time to assemble the new BBQ. The project was a bit like building a boat in the basement.

Fortunately, we realized that a fully assembled unit would not fit through the door out to the deck before we got too far along. And the rain stopped in time for us to shoehorn it out onto the deck for final assembly. TaDa!

Sunday brought sunshine by noon, a harvest of fresh rhubarb - enough to make two batches of rhubarb crisp, one for the day and one for the freezer,

...a firewood stacking binge that made a significant dent on the chore,

 ...and the first BBQ of the season.

Rainbow trout and in the glass - a Malivoire 2015 Pinot Gris

Today is a kickback and relax day. Time for easy-living and gratitude.

Happy Victoria Day!

©2018 April Hoeller


  1. Looks like a superb weekend! We spent ours on household chores (they never end, do they) and helping hubby get ready for a month long trip to Maryland. He's heading out on the motorcycle in the morning, joining the Run for the Wall (heading to DC). Once the activities there are done, he will ride over to the eastern shore and spend at least 3 weeks visiting family & friends, as well as getting some medical/dental stuff out of the way.

    Me? I'll be home with the #2Doods, hopefully getting some reading & writing done!

    1. I must say I'm a bit surprised that even now that both hubby and I are retired, weekends are still something to look forward to. We still say TGIF (and mean it!) come Friday and we still grumble, though just a little, about Mondays. Odd habits of odd ducks, I guess. :-)