Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thursday, or Thereabouts - June 14, 2018

Feeling a bit restless, I took the furry beast out for a hike in the forest this morning. It was a lovely tromp along the dirt paths, through the long grasses, and by the streams. Truly an over the river and through the woods kind of trek, without the snow and sleigh of course, (Well I should ruddy well hope so - it is June)!

The play of light and shadow, the waft of warm and cool, the fragrance of earth and flower, all accompanied by birdsong was calming, restorative, and stimulating. In short, it was idyllic. There are few things that can't be solved by a walk in the forest.

It helps to have a beloved dog lead the way too!

©2018 April Hoeller

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